Sentient: The Open AGI Foundation
Sentient: The Open AGI Foundation

Sentient: The Open AGI Foundation

Sentient is aligning AI innovations toward a community-built open AGI

Product Roadmap


Sentient AI Platform – artefact repository management for building with community
Blockchain Protocol – AI artefact contracts and AI exchange
Ecosystem – first campaigns on building with the community


OML File Format
Sentient AI Platform – AI offerings from Sentient community
Blockchain Protocol – Usage tracking with Signer Network
Ecosystem – launch multiple AICs building with Sentient


New Foundational Models Built by Community Contributions
Open AGI Supported by OML Models
Incentives and Monetization for New AI Builder Economy

Join Us: Become a Sentient

To be a part of the Sentient foundation, you need to show:

πŸ”ŒΒ Ownership: We are not looking for employees but for partners. You need to own your part of work and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Hire, inspire, invent, build, sell. You need to do it all.

πŸ’‘Β Innovation: You must feel the urge to innovate – repetition and business as usual should bother you, doing what has been done before should make you uncomfortable. Your goal should be to continually break the status quo.

🀝 Collaboration: You should be a team player and must be willing to collaborate with those around you. You should learn from your collaborators and inspire them with your team spirit and positive energy.

Open Roles

View our current open positions

*We chose to share our Notion page instead of making a standard landing page so that you can follow us directly as we build Sentient together.